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DGA GC - For dissolved gases in water and other liquids

Membrane Sampler -
GC sampling accessory for extracting gas from liquid samples
CryoCooled Peltier Trap Accessory - Peltier-powered GC sample concentration accessory for difficult analytes such as sulfur

Preconfigured GC Systems
Choose from our preconfigured GC models for common applications
Pre-Configured GCs
How to Build a Custom GC
The parts and processes that go into creating your custom SRI GC system
Build a Custom GC
GC Chassis Options
Choose from six versatile GC chassis models: 8610C, 8610D, 8610V, 310, 410 and 110
GC Chassis Options

GC Detectors
Select from 16 detector types, and mount up to six per GC chassis

16 Detector Types
GC Injectors
Choose from 17 sample introduction options, and select up to five per GC chassis
12 Injector Types
GC Accessories
Methanizer, internal air compressor, vacuum pump interface, and more
PeakSimple Chromatography Data Systems
1, 4 or 6 channel data systems with PeakSimple software for Windows™
Data Systems
Free Technical Support, Warranty, Service, and Training Information
Agency Approvals and Certificates

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