GC Accessories:
Gas Line Installation Kit
and GC Maintenance Kit

Gas Line Installation Kit
The Gas Line Installation Kit includes everything you will need to connect a single gas cylinder to an SRI GC.
  • Cylinder Pressure Regulator with 0-100psi Output
  • 50-foot length of 1/8" Copper Tubing
  • Stainless steel Gas Line Filter
  • Extra Swagelok nuts & ferrules
  • Handy tubing cutter
Each type of gas cylinder has a different type of connection to the cylinder. In the UK these are defined by British Standard (BS) 341. Flammable gases (e.g. Hydrogen and Methane) are type 4, where other common carrier gases (air, helium, nitrogen, argon) are typically type 3. Specify the type when ordering. Each cylinder regulator is supplied with a 1/8" Swagelok outlet fitting for easy connection to the copper tubing, and the hydrogen regulator is also equipped with a flow restrictor to limit the escape of gas in the event of a leak.
BS341 type 3 Gas Line Kit (Air, He, N, Ar)
8600-CBS4 BS341 type 4 Gas Line Kit (H2, CH4)

GC Maintenance Kit
The GC Maintenance Kit includes most parts which could fail, and is designed especially for our export customers who may have difficulty returning the GC to the factory for service. Specify 8610 or 310 maintenance kit, and 110 or 220 VAC.
  • Replacement chips for most electronic circuits
  • Replacement heaters for column oven & detectors
  • Assorted graphite & Vespel ferrules
  • Assorted Swagelok nuts & ferrules
  • Digital Voltmeter for trouble shooting
  • Wide-bore column adapter
  • Type K thermocouple
  • EPC pressure sensor
GC Maintenance Kit (specify 120 or 220 VAC)

GC Accessories:
Gas Line Installation Kit and GC Maintenance Kit