Model 333 Single Channel Data System

  • Easy USB 2.0 Connection to your Windows™ PC
  • Eight TTL outputs and one remote start input
  • Four optional contact closures ($159)
  • Includes PeakSimple software

The Model 333 is standard in every 8610C, 8610D, 410, or 310 GC. It can also be mounted in a separate box, ready for connection to other manufacturers' GC or HPLC detectors. The Model 333 data system consists of PeakSimple chromatography software for Windows and a single channel, 20-bit high resolution A/D board, with USB 2.0 compliant interface.

When mounted in an SRI GC, the Model 333 controls the column oven temperature program, and the pressure program of the carrier gas electronic pressure controller (EPC). The eight available TTL outputs are connected internally within the GC to control functions such as valve rotation, gas solenoid actuation, autosampler injection, etc.

When mounted in a separate box, the temperature and pressure control outputs are available for use, but are not connected to anything. The eight TTL outputs can optionally be wired to a bank of eight single-pole, dual-throw mechanical relays with screw terminals for easy connection to any device which operates from a contact closure. A remote start input allows run initiation from the user's GC or HPLC system. Data can be acquired at rates up to 50Hz.

The 220 volt system is supplied with a UL, CSA, and CE/VDE approved universal power supply, which will operate on any AC voltage from 100-250 volts. This unit requires a USB 2.0 compliant port on the PC. It is not compatible with older USB 1.0 or 1.1 compliant ports.

8600-1050 PeakSimple 1 Ch. Data System Kit, 110VAC £1,360.00
8600-1250 PeakSimple 1 Ch. Data System Kit, 220VAC £1,360.00
8600-1051 4 Relay Kit for Model 333 £144.00

Model 333 Single Channel Data System