HT200H 40-Vial Headspace Autosampler DISCONTINUED

  • Interfaces with SRI and other GCs
  • Holds 40 Standard 20mL Headspace Vials
  • Injects Directly into the GC—No transfer lines
  • 6 Position Incubator with Orbital Shaking
  • Progressive Sample Transfer
The HT200H Headspace Autosampler is designed to meet the requirements of static headspace injection for GC analysis. The swivel head design simulates the movements of manual direct injection and eliminates the need for transfer lines.
The HT200H picks up the vial...
...and places it in the incubator.

The injection tower smoothly transports the vials to the six position incubator, where they are orbitally agitated at the user-programmed temperature. The heated syringe then samples the headspace and injects directly into the GC. The 2.5 or 5mL syringe is purged with inert gas after injection. The incubator oven and the heated syringe have the same programmable temperature range of 4-150oC. The rotating design leaves the injection port available for manual injections at any time. The HT200H processes samples so that headspace injections start immediately after the previous run is completed.

Up to 10 analytical methods, including all the user-selected options listed in the OPERATING SPECIFICATIONS table, may be stored in the HT200H memory.


Sample conditioning
Oven temperature
Incubation time
Progressive heating time
Oven shaking time

Sample withdrawal
Syringe temperature
Sample volume
Flushing flow rate
Sample homogenization
Syringe size

Injection speed
Pre/post injection dwell time
Post injection syringe flush time

40 - 150 deg C
0:00 - 24:00 hr
0:00 - 9:59 hr

40 - 150 deg C
steps of 0.01mL
up to 15 strokes
2.5 or 5mL

0 - 99 seconds
0 - 9.9 minutes

40-Vial Headspace Autosampler

HT200H 40-Vial Headspace Autosampler