Model 311H 42-Vial Liquid Autosampler - DISCONTINUED 8/2010

  • Connects to SRI GC Injection Port
  • Use it with On-Column, Heated, or Split/Splitless Injectors
  • Adjustable Injection Volume
  • Uses Standard 2mL Vials
  • Data System Start
The SRI Model 311H 42-Vial Liquid Autosampler connects to the SRI Model 8610C, 8610D, or 310 GC injection ports with a single, finger-tight nut for perfect alignment. The Model 311H can be used with On-column, Heated Flash Vaporization, or Split/Splitless injectors.
The sample tray and syringe require helium, air, or nitrogen at 60psi to actuate the moving parts. A simple contact closure from the PeakSimple data system (built into all SRI GCs) makes the autosampler flush the syringe, inject the sample, then advance the tray to the next vial position. The injection volume is adjustable from 0-3uL, and the unit is supplied with 100 screw-top vials and septa. The Model 311H uses common 2mL vials (crimp or screw top), available from many suppliers. The autosampler flushes the syringe with the sample itself, so each vial must be filled with at least 1mL of sample.

The 311H uses standard 2mL vials.

On-line Syringe Sampler
The On-line Syringe Sampler, a similar autosampler without the 42-vial sample tray, is available for on-line sampling of a liquid stream. The sample stream must be pressurized at 5-30psi. The On-line Syringe Sampler periodically fills the injection syringe with sample and then injects it into the GC under control of the PeakSimple data system.

Model 311H 42-Vial Liquid Autosampler

Model 311H 42-Vial Liquid Autosampler